The Multi-Vac Tidy Your Property From the Comfort of Your ATV

Excessive manure in your paddocks is an eyesore and can cause significant health issues to your animals, and uneven grazing of your pastures.

Manure can contain parasites and the eggs of strongyles, roundworms and other internal parasites. If not properly handled, the eggs and larvae that hatch from them, can contaminate pastures, feed or water and infect other horses and animals.

Excess nutrients and other contaminants can leach from poorly managed manure into streams, lakes and ponds, upsetting the ecological balance and causing environmental damage. Manure piles are prime breeding grounds for stable flies and houseflies.

Cut your manual work by over 70%!

Puddles, pebbles and piles are no problem for the Multi-Vac! However, it’s not just a vacuum, it transforms into a hand-held leaf blower for all your lawn maintenance needs. It not only tackles manure, you have a multi-functional tool for a wide array of tasks saving you time and the back-breaking task of shovelling manure and raking leaves.

Watch the incredible high-powered vac in use!

4 Reasons the Multi Vac
Is A Tool You Can’t Live Without


REASON 1 Keep Your Property Clean + Tidy

Reduce manure and debris in your paddock, giving your animals a clean healthy surface for even grazing on your pastures. Suitable for the collection of alpaca manure, tree nuts, straw, pinecones, hedge clippings, leaves, and grass clippings, from virtually any surface, wet or dry.



REASON 2 Multi Use + Easy to Use

The Multi-Vac can take on a variety of tasks, not only in the paddocks but also around your garden. The Multi-Vac was designed to work in numerous areas on your farm, to make cleaning up your property, effortless!


REASON 3 Easy Hitching + Unhitching

The handle transforms to a tow-hitch with one simple adjustment, which makes hitching and unhitching the trailer to your ATV, easy and less labour intensive. And when you’re done hauling, you can store the drawbar upright, locking it in place.


REASON 4 Easy Manoeuvring + ATV Friendly

The lightweight, easy-to-handle manure collector gives you the mobility to cover large areas, quickly and efficiently, carrying up to 3 wheelbarrows of debris in one trip. The Multi-Vac is compact enough to tow behind your ATV and can be manoeuvred easily by hand.


Saves You From Doing The Dirty Work

The premium greenPRO Multi-Vac is specifically built to make farming easier for lifestyle farmers and small farms.

ATV towable and hand-manoeuvrable, it’s covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Product Specifications

Multi Vac

FRAMEWORK: Hot dipped galvanised steel

TOW HITCH: 3 towing options including 50mm ball coupling, tongue and pin and pull handle

TANK MATERIAL:  Polyethylene UV resistant tank

CAPACITY: 200L tank

MOTOR: Detachable Stihl SH86 Vacuum mulcher

AIR FLOW RATE: 810 m3/h

HOSE:  2m of high-quality flexible suction hose

TANK ACCESS: Removeable rear door

WARRANTY: 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

DIMENSIONS: 1130mm L x 930mm W x 1200mm H