Manure Vac Healthy, Greener Pastures in Minutes

Excessive manure in your paddocks is an eyesore and can cause significant health issues to your animals, and uneven grazing of your pastures.

For easy and effective management of manure, we’re proud to introduce the greenPRO Manure Vac. You can clean and maintain your pastures with ease. Simply drive beside the manure pile and point the collection nozzle, removing manure and debris in seconds.

The trailer comes with an electric smart tipping system, so you no longer have to shovel out the catchment compartment. It empties the collection compartment with the flick of a switch. It’s as easy at that!

Multi-Functional Use

Seamlessly compatible with the greenPRO Tipper Trailer, you can slide the Vac out of the tray and utilise the Tipper Trailer for carting heavy loads around your property.

High powered paddock vac, with 4-second tipping action!

Your property will not only look amazing, but you’ll remove parasites and pests, all without leaving the comfort of your ATV. You’ll spend less time doing the dirty work, and more time enjoying your animals.

Watch it in action!

4 Reasons the Manure Vac
Will Change Your Life

REASON 1 Saves You Time Doing The Dirty Work

Reduce manual work and navigate your property quickly and efficiently with your ATV and Manure Vac in tow. You’ll cover larger areas with ease and collect up to 6 wheelbarrow loads before you need to tip-off.


REASON 2 Easy Tipping for Fast Unload

The smart tipping action lets you place the debris in different locations around your property with ease. No more shovelling out muck or debris. Simply hit the button and it tips itself in 4 seconds! The tray has a 60° tipping angle to unload heavy loads. The system automatically shuts off, once it has reached full-tip.


REASON 3 Extra Space For All Your Tools

The Manure has a special tool rack that holds multiple shovels, rakes, and other garden tools, as well as a dedicated spot for a handheld sprayer. You’ll have the freedom to keep all your tools on hand, no matter when you are on your property.


REASON 4 Easy Maneuvering + ATV Friendly

The Manure Vac is compact enough to tow behind your ATV and can collect up to 6 wheelbarrows in one load. It’s also quiet enough to use in the paddock with your animals. The low centre of gravity makes for maximum stability in rough and uneven terrain.


Saves You From Doing The Dirty Work

The premium greenPRO Manure Vac is specifically built to make farming easier for lifestyle farmers and small farms.

ATV towable and durable to tow across your property, it’s covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Contact us to order or if you have questions.


Product Specifications

Manure Vac

FRAMEWORK: Hot dipped galvanised steel

TOW HITCH: 3 towing options including 50mm ball coupling, tongue and pin and pull handle

TANK MATERIAL:  Polyethylene UV resistant tank

CAPACITY: 400L tank

MOTOR: Honda 50cc motor

HOSE:  2.5m of 5-inch high-quality flexible suction hose

TANK ACCESS: Removeable rear door

STOWAGE: Provision for shovels, rakes and hand-held spray tank

DIMENSIONS: 1421mm L x 1030mm W x 1103mm H ( + trailer 1495mm H)

COMPATIBLE WITH: Tipper Sprayer | Electric Tipper Trailer


TYRES: AT22x11-8 large flotation tyres

TYRE RATING: 455kg each


WARRANTY: 2 Year manufacturer’s warranty