The ATV Sprayer TrailerThe Easiest Way to Kill Weeds
And Save Chemicals

Finally a sprayer made just for small farm owners. The greenPRO Sprayer Trailer makes killing weeds easier, faster, and less costly than any other sprayer implement.

Other sprayers have 3 primary problems that make it a headache for small farm owners to spray weeds: they’re likely to tip over, they need to be towed by a large tractor, and they waste chemicals.

So we designed the Sprayer Trailer to solve those problems:

  • Its ultra-low centre of gravity reduces the risk of tipping on uneven terrain
  • Its lightweight and compact size make it easily towable by your ATV
  • Its customizable pump, boom, hose reel, and jet options suit the sprayer to your farm’s needs and cut down on chemical (and cost) waste

Customise the Sprayer Trailer to fit your farm’s needs and never waste another drop of chemicals.  Choose between:

  • 3 tank sizes 200L, 300L, 400L
  • 3 motor sizes for different spraying pressures
  • 3 jet options (handheld or boom)

The ATV Sprayer Trailer can take on a variety of tasks from spot-spraying small patches of weeds to eliminating whole plots of dense, thick-stemmed weeds in your pasture.

Watch how easy the ATV Sprayer Trailer is to Operate

4 Reasons
The Sprayer Trailer Saves You Time, Effort, And Money

REASON 1 Perfectly Customisable To Suit Your Farmr

Choose your pump for your pressure: anywhere from 95-580psi.
Choose your tank size: 200L, 300L, 400L (all sizes are UV resistant)
Choose your jets: handheld or boom options
Choose your hose reel: time-saving motorized or classic hand-cranked


REASON 2 Quickly Eradicate Any Weeds On Any Terrain

Use the Sprayer Trailer to quickly spot-spray patches of weeds around fence posts. Or go all out and easily kill off a large plot of thick, stubborn weeds. And the low centre of gravity, low-line tank design, and large floatation tyres allow the sprayer to be towed effortlessly and safely by your ATV over any terrain.


REASON 3 Tough, Durable Construction That Works Hard For Years

The hard hot-dipped galvanized framework keeps the sprayer strong against chemicals and moisture, and resists corrosion for years.


REASON 4 Save Time And Spray More With The Quick Spray Hose Reel

The optional Quick Spray remote controlled retracting hose reel can cut your by-hand spraying time in half. Its push-button operation means no manual reel winding and no time wasted with kinks.


Kill More Weeds With Less Time And Money

The premium greenPRO Sprayer Trailer is specially built to make farming easier for lifestyle farmers and small farms.

It is covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Contact us to order or if you have questions.

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Product Specifications


The Sprayer Trailer

MATERIAL: Hot dipped galvanised frame with UV resistant tank

AXLE: Heavy duty 40mm solid steel axle with bearing hubs

TYRES: 18 x 8.5 wide flotation tyres

FRAMEWORK: 50mm x 50mm x 5mm hot dipped galvanised angle steel

STORAGE: Powder-coated top mounted storage cage

TANK OPTIONS: 200L, 300L, 400L

HITCH: 50mm ball hitch

HOSE REEL: Manual rewind hose reel with 20m powerflex hose