How Each Of greenPRO’s Implements Are Designed To Make The Pasture Cycle A No-Brainer

Stunning, thick, green pastures. Your animals are probably the only ones who appreciate it more than you do! But growing that ideal pasture isn’t as easy as you wish it could be.

And that’s because growing grass is a sensitive task. But don’t worry. We’re in the business of greener grass. So we’ll tell you the essential elements to growing the most delicious grass your animals have ever tasted. And we’ll show you why every one of our small farm implements knocks out each step with minimal effort on your part. So here it is:


pasture cycle_weeds_white

STEP ONE Establishing Your Pasture


You’ve gotta kill those weeds. They aren’t just unpleasant to look at. They hurt your pasture because they suck up water and nutrients that your grass needs.

We designed our Sprayer Trailer to make getting rid of weeds as easy as possible. And we built it from the ground up just for the small farmer. We did this because most commercially available sprayers are difficult to use on small farms for 3 reasons:

  1. They’re large, and don’t fit in smaller paddocks or through gates
  2. They’re top heavy, and they risk tipping over while rolling over uneven ground
  3. They can only be towed by a large tractor, and most small farmers only have an ATV or quad bike

Now, these aren’t issues for huge, commercial farms. But the small farmer needs a sprayer that can accommodate their needs. That’s why we designed our Sprayer Trailer to fix all those issues:

  • It’s compact, so it fits in cramped spaces and turns tight corners
  • It’s got a low center of gravity, so it’s less likely to tip
  • It’s light enough to be towed by a lawn tractor, so ATVs will pull it with ease

Check out the Sprayer Trailer

here and see how easy it makes weed removal!

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STEP TWO Enriching Your Pasture


Once you’ve used the Sprayer Trailer to easily spray those troublesome weeds, give them a little bit of time to fully die off. Usually about three weeks is sufficient.

Now it’s time to plant the seeds of your future lush pasture!

There’s one important thing you must do in order to ensure a thick, lovely patch of grass year-round: the “over-seeding” process. What is that?

Over-seeding is when you plant seeds in an already existing pasture. That is, you don’t remove the grass that already lives there, but you minimally till the soil and plant the new seeds on top of the existing grass.

There are two ways that over-seeding helps you grow a greener pasture:

  1. Keeping the “old” grass in the soil helps to prevent erosion from wind and water, as well as keep bacteria and microbes in the soil that are good for new grass
  2. It helps keep your pasture full and healthy year-round because you’ll be planting different types of seeds throughout the year that thrive during different seasons

Now normally planting seeds is a delicate and multi-step process. In order to grow into a nice full pasture, the seeds need to be planted with precise depth, spacing, fertilisation, and packing.

But you won’t need to worry about getting those right. Because the greenPRO 6-in-1 Seeder will plant your seeds at just the right depth and spacing, as well as fertilise and pack the soil perfectly. All you have to do is pull it behind your ATV. And it saves hours of time and energy by combining all 6 steps of seeding–disc, plough, fertilise, seed, cover, roll–into one pass.

Check out the 6-IN-1 Seeder

here to see how much easier it makes seeding the most beautiful pasture you’ve ever had!

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STEP THREE Irrigating Your Pasture


Finally you’re ready to shower your pasture with fresh, nourishing water.

Here’s where you’d use a travelling irrigator to water your pasture. But most irrigators available suffer from 2 flaws:

  1. Their watering duration is dependent on water pressure (which isn’t always consistent), so watering time isn’t consistent
  2. They require a lot of water pressure because it’s split between spraying the pasture and retracting the sprinkler

These issues prevent you from having total control over the Pasture Cycle during the critical irrigation stage. This makes it difficult to grow a full, green pasture.

But the greenPRO Solar Powered Travelling Irrigator doesn’t have these weaknesses. You’ll be able to perfectly irrigate your pasture while saving time and water. Here’s why our Travelling Irrigator makes irrigation a piece of cake:

  • It has an electronic control system, so you can precisely set it to water your pasture anywhere from 22minutes to 12 hours
  • Its sprinkler is retracted by a powerful 12v motor, so it can operate on lower water pressure–as low as 20psi

The motor is powered by an onboard 22-AH battery which can last for up to 15 hours on a single charge. And the battery uses a solar panel to charge automatically during the day, so you’ll never have to plug it into a power point.

Take a look at the Travelling Irrigator here to see how much easier and more consistent it makes watering your pasture!

But what if your water source is a dam and you have even less than 20psi of pressure? No worries.

Check out our Dam Pump

here to see how you’ll never be limited by low pressure again.

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BONUS Step Manure Removal

Once your pasture has grown up and your animals are happily feasting on the delicious grass, you need to think about removing the inevitable buildup manure.

Letting your animals’ “business” stay in the pasture will reduce the area of edible ground. This is because horses won’t eat within a meter of any manure.

The problem is exaggerated when horses share the paddock with alpacas. Alpacas use the same spot to poop, eventually creating a large pile.

The best way to remove manure from your paddock is by using a greenPRO vacuum system. This will keep your pasture even and your animals happy.