That Dam Pump Trailer Full Pasture Irrigation
When You Don’t Have Mains Power

You’re ready to start irrigating, but you’ve got a problem: no access to a mains power source to pump dam water.

No need to worry. With greenPRO’s Dam Pump Irrigator, you’ll be able to water your pastures anywhere there’s dam water access. Even if there’s no electricity for kilometres.

That Dam Pump is powered by an efficient Honda GX160 petrol engine. Its 23 litre fuel tank allows it to pump water for 20 hours nonstop.

It’s fitted with a Davey Single Stage Firefighter pump (4 outlet). So your greenPRO irrigator will have more than enough pressure to sufficiently water your pasture.

And priming is a piece of cake. The on-board 25 litre water tank has plenty of capacity to fill the suction line. Plus it’s got remote cut-outs to stop the engine when you need the irrigator to shut off.


4 Reasons That Dam Pump Trailer Is An Essential Tool When You Don’t Have Power

REASON 1 Freedom To Water Anywhere

Not having access to mains power is no longer an issue with the Dam Pump. And the pump trailer is lightweight and easily towable with a standard 50mm tow ball.


REASON 2 Long Running Efficient Performance

Water your pasture for up to 20 hours on the 23 litre fuel tank.


REASON 3 Years Of Reliable Operation

Designed, fabricated, and built in Australia. The hard powder coated steel framework and stainless steel reel shafts mean it’ll work hard for years without corrosion or damage from the elements.


REASON 4 Worry-free Automatic Electronic Shutoff System

With built-in remote cut outs that stop the engine automatically once your irrigator finishes watering.


Water Pressure Where You Need It, Without Being Stuck To A Power Point

The premium greenPRO Dam Pump Trailer is specially built to make farming easier for lifestyle farmers and small farms.

It is covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Product Specifications

That Dam Pump Trailer

ENGINE: Honda GX160 engine couple to economical Davey Single Stage Firefighter pump (4 Outlet)

SUCTION LINE: 5m x 40mm suction line fitted with non-return valve and filter at dam end

WATER TANK: 20 Litre water tank used to prime suction hose

FUEL TANK: 23 litre fuel tank allows the engine to run continuously for 20 hours

TOW BALL: 50mm tow ball attachment

WHEELS: 16 x 6.50-8 ply wheels, jockey wheel and 50mm coupling

OUTLET HOSE: 5m x 25mm outlet hose with cam-lock fittings

ELECTRICAL CABLE: 5m twin core electrical cable and plug to turn off the Honda engine

MATERIAL: Thick-walled, powder-coated steel tube. Stainless steel reel shaft Full steel production and powder-coated finish with zinc undercoat


INCLUDED: 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty